Droopsy Blair Irish Greyhound Found in China

IRISH GREYHOUND DROOPYS BLAIR GOES OFF THE GRID AND ENDS UP IN CHINA 4 year old greyhound Droopys Blair bred and owned by Michael Dunphy and Sean Dunphy of Waterford Ireland, Droopys Blair is from the breeding line of Aero Majestic (Breeder Stuart Forsdike) and Droopys Gucci (Breeder John Stanton) has turned up in China

Frisby Barney

Someone who knew the Peterbrough Derby winning beautiful black greyhound Frisby Barney got in touch concerned about his welfare, how many litters he had and if Frisby Barney was still alive. When we delved in to his life at the Huanghua Kaiyuan kennel we found a mountain of photos of him breeding. We cannot say