Candy’s Hound Rescue International works with different rescues and shelters in China. When greyhounds are found in the meat trade or underground racing tracks, we are notified and step in to take care of them.

In the first instance, dogs are seen by a vet

Dogs come to us in appalling conditions. Many have been beaten and starved and almost all have been crammed into tiny cages often with many other dogs.

We have a network of trusted and caring vets in China who assess our dogs and treat them. Mosts dogs have injuries (sometimes these are major), as well as skin conditions and illnesses (most commonly, distemper).

Our vets can be hundreds of miles away from our kennels so a severely injured dog may stay there for months to recover, and then be neutered, before we can fly them to Beijing.

The cost of vet treatment is astronomical, but it is absolutely necessary. Sadly, some dogs are so ill that they never make it to our boarding kennels.

When fit and healthy, rescued dogs moved to our boarding kennels in Beijing

Once the dogs arrive at our boarding kennels they are on their way to the life they deserve!

Any kennel we use must have heating, air con and a private dog walking park. They are given beds, toys and lots of affection to help their rehabilitation.

Flying the dogs out of China

As soon as they are able, we prepare the dogs to travel to our Rescues in USA, UK or Europe. Paperwork is arranged (which is different for each country) and flights are booked once they funds can be raised.  This process can take a long time and we rely on the commitment and effort of the Chinese advocates we work with.

Many of our dogs go to America as they can leave China one month after a rabies vaccine rather than after three months to the UK and Europe.

Dogs are fostered before being put up for adoption 

Before the dogs can be adopted, they are fostered by experienced families. During this process we help the dog adjust to their new country and a new way of life within a family home. We access their needs and this help us match the dog to their perfect forever home.

From start to end, the process can take many months depending on factors including the dog’s condition, the country we’re flying them to and the adoption process. During this time our rescues are transformed, from scared and sometimes scarred dogs to loving, curious and playful pets.