Richard Skipworth

I’m a cartoonist with a passion for Greyhounds. My cartoons of Greyhound behaviour made me sort of famous in recent years, and this has enabled me to use a lot of my work to raise funds for Greyhound charities and the hounds in their care. Candy's Hound Rescue International do an amazing job in saving hounds from the dreadful meat trade in China and I’m proud to be a patron of this brilliant organisation.

Rupert Everett

We would like to welcome Rupert Everett as our new patron. He is an English actor, writer, and singer. Kerry met Rupert at the beginning of 2020 when he travelled to USA with his dog. Kerry has talked to him about the organisation's work in China and recently asked if he could become our patron.

Nellie Doodles

We're thrilled that the talented Nellie Doodles has agreed to become a patron for Candy's Hound Rescue International. If you are a greyhound lover and you haven't seen or own one of her illustrations, where have you been? Look her up to see her amazing work.


Pauline McLynn

The wonderful actor Pauline McLynn is a Patron for Candy's Hound Rescue International. Pauline played Mrs Doyle in the cult comedy TV show Father Ted. She's also starred in Shameless and Eastenders amongst many other things. This is great news for Chinese greyhounds as  Pauline is also strongly anti-racing and anti-export of dogs for breeding. It means everything to have Pauline on board ❤️