Spanish Galgos are sighthounds very similar to racing greyhounds, but are usually smaller in size and can be rough or smooth coated. They are bred and used by hunters in rural areas. At the end of the hunting season, countless Galgos are abandoned or disposed of, having lived their short lives in atrocious conditions, starved of food, human care and affection.

Galgos, like all Sighthounds, are very fast and agile. They have a slightly higher exercise need than a greyhound. Like greyhounds, most galgos cannot be let off a lead unless it is in an enclosed, safe area. Many galgos are cat safe with careful introductions and most are excellent around other breeds of dog.

Please research the breed before you consider adopting one of our Galgos. Many have been treated so badly already, it is paramount that their new UK home is understanding, loving and forever. These gorgeous dogs need gentle socialisation and reassurance that they will never be hurt or go hungry again. With patience and understanding, you will be rewarded with a fabulous, loyal family pet.