Candy’s Hound Rescue International only re-homes dogs in the UK as we can support owners and provide rescue back up for life for the dog. [Where dogs are re-homed in the USA, Canada or other locations we do so through local partners in those countries.]

Due to COVID-19 and the changing situation, we are now unable to reserve dogs in China. We will update this if the situation changes.

If you are interested in rehoming a dog

Please email us or use our contact form to tell us a bit about your situation and the dog you are interested in adopting.  We will be in touch and will give you a telephone number to ring or text. The next stage will be for us to talk you through the process and what dogs are ready for adoption.

For the latest list of dogs that have arrived in the UK, USA or Canada, please check the adoption pages on this site.

Adoption fees

We charge a standard fee to rehome a dog. This fee includes the dog’s collar (or harness), lead, house collar, tag, tracker and some food.

For dogs from China we charge an adoption fee of £550.

For dogs from Europe we charge an adoption fee of £250.




If you do not live in the UK and you’re looking to adopt a dog from Candy’s Hound Rescue International

Please see our partners page to find a rescue organisation that works in your country. By adopting a dog via our partners, you can your dog will be able to access support that can help make adoption successful.

If you are an overseas rescue that would like to work with us

Please send us an email with your rescue’s name and your policies on re-homing e.g. home checks & follow up checks. We will also need to know your policy if a dog is returned, along with your policy regarding behavioural issues.

As a rescue, we have a strict policy against dogs being PTS for behavioural issues and do not work with any rescues where this practice is carried out. One of our policies is that no Candy’s Hound Rescue International dogs are to enter the prison programme that is quite popular in America. We have to ensure that our dogs go to the very best places available.

We are very keen to work with rescues in the USA. So far the American rescues we work with have been absolutely fabulous and we know the Americans love sight hounds. Dogs can travel earlier to the USA than to any other country after they have had rabies jabs, as the quarantine period for the USA is shorter. The faster dogs can be adopted, the more dogs that are in terrible situations we can save.

Candy’s Hound Rescue International pays all vet and boarding fees but you as a rescue would pay for flights, paperwork and crates, and you would also send and pay for a flight volunteer to collect the dogs.