Our home check is the same for each dog rehomed by us.

We believe that giving such a high standard of home check enables us to do the very best in finding the correct homes for our dogs.


Step 1 

The initial call will take place between Kerry and the adopters to discuss their situation and our adoption process.


Step 2

Your details will be given to the Home Check Coordinator, they will be in touch with you to confirm you are happy to continue.

You will then be sent our educational literature.


Step 3 

A designated home checker will contact you to arrange a time and date that suits you both for your home check.

This is done in 2 stages.


Step 4

Your home checker will first set up a video call, if this is not possible, you will be requested to send photos and videos of your home and garden.


Step 5

All information will be handed over to home check coordinator and Kerry, any recommendation’s will be made and you will receive these.


Step 6 

Once recommendations have been made, the 2nd home check will take place, your home checker will physically come to your property.


Step 7

This is the stage where your ID will be confirmed, recommendations checked off and any other questions can be asked or answered.


Step 8

Once your home check is passed, Kerry will be in contact regarding your dog.

On adoption day all necessary paperwork is filled in and you can take your dog home.


Step 9

Within the 1st 24/48 hours you will receive a phone call from you r home checker.

4-6 weeks later you will have another visit to make sure everyone is settled and happy.


Step 10

The support doesn’t end there!

You will receive calls from Kerry and Julie our behaviourist to confirm everyone is doing well.

Kerry, Julie and the home check team will stay in touch to offer additional support if needed.