We are Candy’s Hound Rescue International (formally known as Candy Cane Rescue).

We rescue, rehabilitate and rehome hounds and other dog breeds from the meat trade, unethical breeding programmes, illegal racetracks and other terrible situations from countries with little or no animal protections.

We strive to give these dogs as long, as happy and as healthy a life as possible while educating to end animal cruelty.

What we do

1. Working with local partners, we find dogs in trouble and get them to safety

2. Our network of vets treat any injuries and we nurse them back to health

3. When they're well enough, we fly them to the UK, North America or Europe

4. We foster the dogs before finding them a loving family and forever home

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Where our dogs come from

Where our dogs come from

Success stories

When Honey (a Saluki), was rescued from the streets of Beijing, her front leg had been shattered and her jaw was broken. Heartbreakingly, she’d been hit by a car and left to die. Thankfully, she was found just in time and brought to Candy’s Hound Rescue International.

Our vets treated her over many months, plating her leg and wiring up her jaw. Slowly she could drink and eat again. And with the love and affection she was given by our carers, Honey’s zest for life returned!

Honey continued to improve and when she was well enough, she was flown to the USA. Our partner rescue Fast Friends, based in New Hampshire, led her adoption process and she was rehomed by a wonderful family who care for her and two other Salukis. Honey is still a nervous girl but has truly bonded with her people and is happiest relaxing on the sofa in the comfort of her home.


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