Our dogs are on the way to USA!

Marin, Ruby, Alfie, Levi, Carmel, Mojo, Nike,Noah ,Flicka,Trixie, Rylee, Sookie, Ninjia, Kenzie ,Sammi, Marshall, Michiko, Malka, Macy and Manson are now in the air and on their way to America .I can’t thank Fast Friends and Greyhound Friends NJ enough they are all true hero’s .Sharron, Amy and Maria from the rescues and all the volunteers made this happen. I am completely overwhelmed by all of them and I told Sharron Y when I finally meet her I’m kissing her on the lips 😂.Honestly once Covid 19 is a thing of the past I can’t wait to go to America and meet all our supporters and rescue partners to thank them personally.Please note the dogs flew cargo, they have water and they are safe.The team at the airport and airline deal with the dogs at the airport we have no say how they are put on the pallet.I will update when the dogs have landed.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️