Heating Installed for our Dogs at Plush Bear

Plush Bear Shelter is based in Baicheng in China and temperatures at this time of year can plummet to below -23 degrees, and can feel much colder. We work closely with Plush Bear and we take any hounds which they rescue but we can’t always move them immediately so they stay at Plush until we

Thank You Nicholas!

Huge thank you to Nicholas who ran the Frankfurt Marathon on 28th October for Candy Cane Rescue and finished in a time of 2:43:10. The total raised from sponsors was £1039.90 😁 A massive Thank You!!! to all of those who sponsored Nicholas via the JustGiving page……also to those from Capgemini and elsewhere who sponsored

Racing Dogs in Baicheng, China.

The amount of greyhounds needing rescue in China is massive. There is a never ending, relentless stream of dogs and we simply can’t help them all. Kerry has just been sent this video of racing dogs in Baicheng, China. Dog racing is illegal in China so they are raced on underground tracks. All of the