Update on Aimilio!

Aimilio ❤️❤️❤️❤️For people that don’t know his story he was rescued in the summer of 2020. The temperatures in China in July are extremely high. He was rescued with 30 other dogs all greyhounds and whippets. The man who ran the slaughter house wouldn’t let our team go there and insisted on getting a driver to the vets that had arranged space for all the dogs. The trip would have needed two trips due to how many dogs were being saved in one go.Two trips were arranged with 20 going first and then the other 10. When you dogs arrived at the vets 15 of the dogs had died and 5 were just about alive. The driver had put all 20 of the dogs into a small van with many dogs squashed in crates. He had no aircon so the dogs died of heatstroke😢😢😢😢😢. The five that were still alive all died apart from a fawn greyhound we named Aimilio.(the ten still at the slaughter house were saved the next day and collected by our driver )It was one of the darkest days in rescue I have ever been involved in. I never posted the videos of the dogs because it was too horrific and we all know they would have suffered. We now have our own driver and refuse to rescue or move any dogs unless he drives them. Aimilio made a full recover so now along with all our other dogs he deserves his chance of freedom.This year we plan on moving all our dogs. Due to covid 19 we can’t get any to the UK yet so for now we are so thankfully we have amazing American rescues partners who are taking our dogs and doing everything they can to get them home. The dogs at boarding kennels had a photo shoot yesterday so more updates to come ❤️❤️