Yulin in China has started!

The dog meat festival Yulin has started today.For anyone who works in rescue in China and for people that support rescues in China this is a festival that makes everyone’s heart break over and over.For people that don’t know Yulin is hell on earth as it’s the biggest dog meat festival in China.The dogs are rounded up weeks before to travel in horrific conditions to the festival where they are then skinned alive,blowtorched alive,beaten,limbs chopped off while alive the list is endless what these poor souls will go through.Due to covid and the fact we have 198 dogs still in China to get out myself and our rescue partners have had to cut contact with people on the ground in China who will save dogs because we just can’t take any more dogs 😢For a rescue based in China this goes against everything we are about but to be very brutally honest our rescue is literally just about keeping afloat.The pandemic has hit us so hard we have a responsibility to get our dogs out of China while still trying to keep up with the mounting vet bills,boarding bills etc.Please be respectful and don’t ask me to take dogs or send me videos I really don’t need to see them I know what’s happening and I know what happens in China on a daily basis not just at Yulin.It’s been completely soul destroying the last 12 months not being able to save any dogs because as a rescue that’s not what it’s about but as I said we have nearly 200 dogs that we are responsible for that we must get out of China before we help more.I hope all these individual souls find peace once they die because their whole lives have been nothing but hell on these earth due to mankind.I also hope on a personal level that one day mankind will look at all animals the way we look at dogs and stop murdering and eating all animals because they all want too and all deserve to live.Rest Easy precious souls.🐶💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔