Yulin Dogs Moved from Shelter

Candy cane rescue have been working with a man who has a shelter in China and a breeding kennel. He can no longer keep the dogs due to ill health. The guy has contacted DoeDoe and a local monk to take the dogs. He has many Breeds which the rescuers are trying to help. The monk is a decent man, we think but he has little funds and too many dogs, so the dogs are going from one hellhole to another.

These dogs were rescued from Yulin meat festival this year and have been surviving in awful conditions up until now, all of them have suffered so much. We have taken Greyhounds, Whippets, a Borzoi, a Labrador who is very poorly, and a mixed breed girl and her four babies. They are all now safe at the vets.

We can’t thank our beautiful friend Yun Xiao DoeDoe enough. Although 100 dogs have already been moved there are rescuers in China trying to save the other 100
Dogs that are left behind.

Here are a few photo’s of some of the dogs we’ve taken. The video shows the massive undertaking of moving 100 dogs to safety. ❤️💖