World Galgo Day

1st Feb is world Galgo day. Galgos are known as a Spanish greyhounds.The dogs are used for hunting and even tho over recent years things have improved in Spain these beautiful gentle souls are still abusedand murdered in their thousands each year .Today is the beginning of the end of the hunting season in Spain which means so many galgos will need rescue space.Greyhound Protection UK have always taken these amazing dogs and we will continue for as long as we need to.I get sick of death of boring comments about we shouldn’t take dogs from other counties.The simple answer is if people don’t agree with helping dogs from aboard then start you’re own rescue.Irish and English greyhounds are exported to Spain each year. We estimate around 500 are still being sent for breeding. GPUK have rescued over 40 exported greyhounds and brought them home in the last few years.We currently have 9 dogs in Spain and as soon as we can we will bring them home.Galgos are so so gentle and sweet natured dogs if you are lucky enough to share your life with one you will always want to help them.They really don’t deserve the horrific abuse they suffer.Its estimated over sixty thousand Galgos are killed each year.😢😢😢.Today marks the day that we show respect to all the beautiful souls that never made it to homes and the ones that will be killed in the next few months. As a rescue we will do all we can for these dogs and support rescues in Spain as much as possible.❤️