We still need to raise money for our shelter in China!

Message from Kerry!

We still need to raise a lot of money to get the shelter sorted. I was asked on Monday to take 19 greyhounds that had raced on the underground tracks in China but are now too slow so were being sold to the butchers. I had to say no we can’t take them 😞 I have just found out they all went to slaughter and were not rescued. I had no choice but to say no and it was the first time in 3 years I have said no. We owe thousands in vets and boarding bills this month and it’s a combination of of things. We can’t move dogs out of China so our boarding cost in kennels and the vets are getting higher and higher, we rescued nearly a 100 dogs in six weeks when the locked down was lifted in China and we were able to move dogs so all of these factors and the fact all our fundraising has been cancelled due to the virus has really hit us hard. Even a pound will help so much. I can’t agree to take any more dogs until we have the shelter up and running!