We need your help again!

We have over 200 dogs now in China ready to leave but due to COVID we can’t fly to China to transport the dogs. We are looking at other ways to get things moving ASAP. Our bills are massive bigger than we have ever had because we can’t move dogs so we have them in boarding and vets. We have been asked to take these 12 greyhounds and whippets that are in a slaughter house 3 hours outside of Changchun 😬 I have agreed but we have to raise the money to save them fast and the money for their vet care. Each dog costs at least £2000. I know times are hard but when I’m sent videos like this and I know how wonderful the dogs are and how many people want to adopt them it’s impossible to say no. The trustees of the charity aren’t going to be too happy with me so I will be hiding from them for a day 😖 If everyone was going to donate even £2, £5 we could really get on top of the bills and save these dogs and more/ Our PayPal is rescue@candycanerescue.org and our bank details are sort code 30.90.89 account number is 35882460. I know this post is a bit of a begging post but the reality is we can’t save dogs from horrific deaths without money unfortunately. Due to the virus all fundraising has been stopped which has been devastating. Any donation no matter how small will help so much. I will up date later on these dogs as I have 24 hours to confirm if we can take them or not. The other breeds will be going to a shelter in China. Saving the dogs is easy it’s the aftercare and the vets etc that we need the funds for.