We need your help again. More hounds have been saved from the meat market!

Callum has contacted me about 3 greyhounds in need of urgent rescue. Two are at the butchers and one is the butcher’s race dog and he is £350. The fawn dog had a donation to save him. We need funds not just to save them but to get them to the vets in Changchun and pay for their transport which is about five hours drive. We have until this evening China time so about 7 hours to raise money for them. We have the Facebook donation button so any money donated via that we get in two weeks so we can use it to cover the vet bills. Our PayPal is rescue@candycanerescue.org. I have told Callum I will be in touch in few hours if we have the funds. Plush Bear Rescue is saving the other breeds and taking responsibility for them.