We need your help again!

We are chipping away constantly at our bills but we aren’t getting anywhere fast. We haven’t moved any dogs since December but have taken so many dogs the last 8 months so our boarding bills and vets are just through the roof. One boarding bill this month was nearly seven thousand pound 😖 We cover all the food, transport, vets, bedding and anything else the dogs need. We have a great team of fundraisers but they can only do so much as booked events this year were cancelled.Things are slowly getting back to normal but it will take time to get us back in a decent position. We have been looking into flights we still can’t fly to China to get dogs. We are always looking into cargo flights and even hiring a plane to fly dogs to America or the UK and we have contacted students in China to see if any students flying out of China can be flight volunteers. We want our dogs out so much for many reasons. Some have been waiting over 12 months, the more dogs we have in China the higher all our bills our and the more dogs in China the less we can rescue due to space and funds. We had to put a hold on the shelter because lock down was in Beijing again. The catch 22 we have now is we are just not raising enough money to pay the bills so trying to get the shelter money is impossible. We still have the money we have raised so far and eventually it will go to the shelter. We have paid the rent for 12 months so as soon as we can we will be on site. Our main issue atm is getting dogs out and paying our bills. I understand times are hard but if people could set up a standing order for £1, £2,  £5 a month it would make such a difference to have regular money coming in each money/ We don’t actually have much money coming in on a regular basis so it’s pretty hard to plan what can be paid and what can’t. We have a fundraising group on FB people can join or contact Sharon Podmore who can help with that. We really need to do something to get out of this financial hole we are in atm because of the Covid 19.