We need your help!

We were asked to take four greyhounds last week from a shelter in Harbin. I really wanted to help them as one looked so poorly and I have since found out she passed away. She is the white girl with black spots.😢😢 We asked our driver to driver from Beijing to Harbin to collect the last 3 hounds. When he got there one dog (the black hound scared on the bed wouldn’t let anyone catch him so he stayed 😞 ) The shelter begged the driver to take more dogs are they have too many dogs they can’t feed or give vet care too. The driver came away with 3 standard poodles, two greyhounds, three whippets and some little breeds. We should not have taken these dogs but you can see by the video the state of the dogs. They are all currently in the vets having the best vet care we can get for them. Any help towards their care and treatment will be amazing. In the information section we have info on how we use donations and on our website. Thank you again for all the support because these dogs break my heart with the life they live. 😢❤️ For some reason the donation button is now asking for US dollars which we are looking into.