We need your help!!!

The only way we can keep going and saving as many dogs as we do is to have a regular income. If everyone would set up a standing order in this group for just £1 that is nearly twenty thousand pound a month which is a massive amount. A pound for a hound is a new scheme for people to become friends of Candy Cane and to help us to continue to carry out the work we are doing and saving lives. In just over two years the charity has got bigger and bigger. The plan was to only have ten dogs in China at one time. That lasted about a month. We are the only greyhound rescue in China so the pressure on us is massive. We have a lot of dogs leaving China in the next month but we still have a lot more to move. Please become a friend of Candy Cane and just donate even a pound a month for the pound for a hound scheme. Thank you ❤️