We have some great news!!!

Message from Kerry!!

We have some really exciting news 😖😬We have been trying to arrange flights to the UK for months now and in true Chinese fashion (Doedoe )😂 we have a cargo flight with Thai Airlines booked for 30 dogs (yes, 30!!!) on the 9th of September to London!!!
We have done all paperwork and paid a deposit but the outstanding balance is 35k, which seems a lot, but it works out a lot cheaper than when we have to send flight volunteers to China (flights, visas, paperwork, dogs flights… it all adds up).
Some of these dogs have been waiting over 12 months for their forever home… Candy Cane doesn’t rescue dogs and just leave them in China, but COVID has forced us to, until now.
If cargo flights work well, we can really start to get out all dogs and we have over 240 currently waiting in China.
The dogs need us and all our supporters to pull our big girl pants up and raise the money for them to start new lives in new homes. We have amazing supporters and we value every single one and now more than ever we really really need your help, but more than that we need to get these dogs out.
If people donate even just £5, it will help so much, if all our supporters come together with a small donation we can get these dogs home!!
Thank you – let’s do this and get them out!!!!❤️❤️❤️The none greyhounds are going to UK rescues one being East Midlands Dog Rescue. A couple of the hounds have homes waiting but all the rest will be up for adoption 😍