We have reached £24.000 for our shelter so far!

We have reached £24,000 for the shelter.  We had the electrician on site this week and we will start buying the kennels soon. We have no chance of getting to China anytime soon to get our dogs, there are talks it won’t be until October. We are looking into cargo and Chinese volunteers flying to Paris with dogs – we still have over 200 dogs in China and most are ready to travel but can’t, which is so frustrating. We want to have our own shelter to have more control of the care we give them and also to help with the cost of running Candy Cane Rescue, because currently we are struggling to keep our heads above water, since we have so many dogs and can’t move any. I know money is very tight for everyone, but maybe you could help by fundraising? All our events were cancelled due to the virus outbreak, which has hit us hard. We have a fundraising team and if people wanted to join, their FB page is Candy Cane Fundraising Group.
If you can afford to donate, no matter how small the amount, that’s also amazing – the faster we get the money, the safer our dogs will be.
We can really make something special with the shelter for years to come ❤️There’s restricted funds policy, all money raised from this FB post goes in the shelter pot. If you donate via PayPal or bank please mark it “shelter”. Thank you as always for the amazing support!!