We are absolutely devastated we could not save these dogs!!

China today 😖😖Plush Bear was at the markets this morning where all sorts of animals were being killed and skinned alive. Along with a truck load of dogs a greyhound trainer sold he’s greyhounds to the slaughter house guy. I have met this slaughter house man a few time’s and been to he’s slaughter house. Theres four markets on at the weekend in Baicheng the butcher goes around collecting dogs for the restaurants .The greyhounds has already been reserved for a restaurant. These dogs have been bred in China to race on the underground tracks then sold for their little weak bodies to be used as meat .The Greyhound board in Ireland and England still allow greyhounds to be exported to China .The exported dogs are bred and bred and bred until they drop and their off spring go for meat if not used for breeding .I love all animals but decided along time ago I have to focus on a cause and that’s the plight of greyhounds and why I will fight for these dogs until I die. I hate the racing industry it’s full of greed and abuse and then to add the dog meat trade on top of that is just heartbreaking .Candy cane rescue fights every day to save dogs in China along with the amazing rescuers in China but sometimes it’s not enough and we loose the dogs. Today unfortunately is one of them days. I just hope these dogs died fast and did not know what was coming 💔💔