Update on situation in China!

I have been waiting on an update on all our dogs and as I expected things are not great .We have over 140 dogs in China currently and due to the virus we can’t move any dogs out of China or even around China. This means our dogs are stuck at the vets. We rescued a lot of dogs the end of last year and the start of the year with the intention that we would be flying a lot of dogs to the UK and to our rescue partners in the States. Our intention would never to leave dogs for months. When I was sent these photos I cried because they are at vets and the lack of exercise our dogs will be having. We have ordered new beds weeks and weeks ago but they still have not arrived due to people not being at work. The staff are working around the clock for the dogs but it’s not enough because there are so many. They are washing blankets daily and we have brought lots of food and chicken for the dogs. The only thing we can do right now is to make sure our dogs stay safe until we can go and get them. In the mean time this means we can’t rescue anymore dogs because of space and also dogs can’t travel around China. This situation is incredible difficult and upsetting for everyone involved. Also we have to be realistic about funds. We haven’t really had donations for weeks because we haven’t been actively rescuing dogs. We have just pretty much cleared our account and paid all our bills of vets, boarding, food, bedding, medicine and vaccines. This came to twenty two thousand English pounds. We need to make sure we have funds in the bank for all our bills next month. I know our supporters are wonderful when we ask for urgent funds to save dogs but we need urgent funds now to keep our dogs safe and looked after to a decent standard until we can go and get them. The most frustrating part is we can home all these dogs so fast and they make the most wonderful family pets. For me on a personal level this goes against everything I’m about and work for. I wouldn’t just rescue dog after dog without moving them out .I promise all our supporters that as soon as we can go and get the dogs I will go to China as many times as I need too and they will be my main focus. I have flight volunteers and rescues on standby to help us as well. Thank you so much for all the support. If everyone even donates £2 on this group that will cover all our bills.