Update on seized dogs in Beijing!

Please read, it explains a lot more about the Police seizing dogs in Beijing .This is a worry as most of our dogs are in Beijing. Its turns out it’s one police offer called Zheng Xiaochuan. He is corrupt and known to rescuers in Beijing for being a dog hater. People are taking a stand against him and reporting him to the government. People really don’t understand that China is so big so what happens in one city doesn’t happen in another. So yes the dog meat and wet markets etc are horrific but the whole of China isn’t like that. Theres some amazing wonderful people in China who are fighting every single day. I am sick of seeing racist bullshit constantly. I have friends in China that are now two scared to even come on Facebook. The dogs seized are with their owners now 🙂 We are still actively looking for our own medical centre and shelter in Beijing. Our long term project will be to save dogs and to rehabilitate t ready for rescues to take them. We are also going to do education talks for people and children in China on how to treat animals and how to care and respect them. We are also going to be working hard along with other advocates to end the dog and cat meat trade. Its a massive task but now is as good a time as any. Rather than us hating China we need to work with the good people and stand with them.