Update on recent rescue!

We were asked to help a greyhound in a shelter the other day that had been rescued from the meat trade. We said yes to one as it’s not really a big deal. Then we agreed to help a collie and a poodle which will go to Ravens Rescue. When the driver went to the shelter they begged him to take some of the other dogs that urgently needed help. There was two extra hounds and some smaller dogs one being a pregnant poodle. The dogs are really poorly and need lots of vet care. This is the side people don’t see it’s easy to rescue the dogs, it’s the after care that hard and even harder right now with the virus that’s stopped us getting dogs out and really effected our fundraising. We shouldn’t be taking any dogs at all but when you are faced with dogs like this how can we just walk away. We pretty much need a miracle to help with our finances at the moment because the bills just keep stacking up and we are still not able to do all the events we have booked.