Update on our galgos Nickel and Silver!

I know some people are not happy with the boys being separated but they make each other so much worse. Nickel is actually really holding Sliver back in many ways. Also out of fear Nickel bit a volunteer at Galgo del sol but it was a bad bite. I can’t even walk the boys yet they won’t let me lead them up. They are a massive flight risk and both big boys. To try and home them as a pair would be a disaster and I’m not prepared to take any chances on dogs lives. They deserve a home but that won’t happen as a pair. I am very experienced with sighthounds and have done this many times and the dogs come on so fast once they have a confident dog with them. They are both not house trained aswell which will be an issue for some people. To get them through doors is very traumatic for them. I have to think long term for the boys and what best for them. The reason they are bonded is because that’s all they know. But they are not grooming each other or sleep to together they just share the same living space.