Update on Irish dogs saved in Spain.

An update on the Irish dogs we saved in Spain the other day. Sorry on the delay I was waiting on vet reports and tbh I am so pissed off at the state of these dogs. Racing names Stary Pop was called Monroe Sky last raced in Ireland March 2021. Loafers Panda last raced in Ireland March 2021. Naylors Lulu last raced in Ireland April 2021. Then there’s Dingle Black and the little fawn Galga that was given to me as a gift🙄 As you can see by the photos these dogs are in horrific condition. Panda has Glaucoma of the eyes which if left untreated he will go blind .It’s to do with the optic nerve that connects the eye to the brain.This has been caused by trauma of some kind.Panda also has babesia which is tick fever which can be very very serious.The ticks basically attack the red blood cells. He had 57 ticks on him and all the other dogs had over 40.They are all having bloods ran over the next few days.They are covered in scars and all currently very hand shy and worried.These dogs are NOT registered in Spain and still registered in Ireland under the Irish Greyhound Board. Mr Dean Davis sent Dingle Black to Spain. Mr William Halon sent Naylors Lulu to Spain .Mr Tony Walsh sent Stary Pop to Spain. Ms Maria Carey and Keith Powell sent Loathers Panda to Spain.I hope you are all happy how your dogs have been looked after just so you could make a few pennies. All these dogs are now all needing lots of medical treatment that Greyhound Protection UK will pay for and then soon as they are ready they will come home to be given the life they deserve. We really now need to raise the money for the vet cost, boarding and transport to the UK.Our PayPal is Birminghamgreyhoundprotection@yahoo.co.uk please mark it Irish dogs.