Update on flight to the UK!

The flight with the 30 dogs was scheduled for October 15th, and approved by Heathrow too – however only now I am told that the Chinese authorities need to delay it to the 20th due to the local Moon Festival which is only now about to finish and has delayed paperwork….. 🙄 I will update you all again when I know more. I can’t wait to bring dogs home, the whole pandemic situation is so frustrating!!!!!
In the meantime, we have now had over 200 dogs in vets and boarding facilities for months and months on end and our bills are gigantic, whilst donations have pretty much dried up.
The little money we had has gone towards the flight and we are in a dire situation.
Any contribution towards Candy Cane Rescue is hugely needed – if you can’t donate, please consider fundraising events, personal fundraising on your Facebook page etc… as they say, every little helps!We have Information on our website and fb page about how we use donations.