Update on Borzoi rescue

We went to the breeder a few days ago who let us take 7 of his dogs. We took 4 last week and 3 were taken a few days ago. He now has 9 which he will not let go. He’s is refusing to let them go to other breeders as well. I can hand on heart say he was lovely and kind to the dogs and they all loved him. He knows he can’t cope with this many dogs which is why he let us take so many. He has agreed to let us do a neutering program and get the rest of his dogs neutered. He is going to build more kennels for them and better shelter. He accepted more coats for the dogs and collars and snoods. He has extra bedding also for them now. I know it’s not prefect but he could have just sold them for meat. When he was saying good bye to his dogs he told them to have a better life and was emotional. I have been in rescue long enough to know when someone is not genuine. Thank you to all the rescues who offered support and all the home offers. Rescue is now confirmed and the dogs will be leaving China as soon as they can. All are at the vets now. We got them some lovely food and we’re taking more bedding to the vets tomorrow ❤️Six of his dogs were imported from Russia and one From Korea.