Update on adoption!

Update on our dogs. In two weeks time I am going to start taking applications for dogs in our care. People who live in the UK will be homechecked by the Candy Cane Team and full rescue back up will be provided from us directly. The dog you are interested in will come to the UK and will go into foster first and will have a vet check. We will try and get dogs assessed as much as we can in China but we like to do our own assessments. The none hounds mostly go to East Midlands Dog Rescue and they have their own policy so once the dogs join them they are nothing to do with Candy Cane and we have no influence on where the dogs are rehomed. If you are outside the UK you must have rescue back up and support to adopt from us, we will not rehome to a private home. This is to protect the dog and the adopter should the adoption not work out. Our Partner groups in the states our Fast Friends, Greyhound Friends New Jersey, Motorcity Greyhound Rescue, Texas Italian Greyhound Rescue, Minnesota Greyhound Rescue and Michigan Greyhound Rescue. People can reach out to these rescues if they want a China dog and you fall in the rescues catchment area of rehoming. We hopefully will be having more rescues coming on board soon. If you are a rescue and would like to help please contact me directly. Thank you everyone for being so patient over the last few months it’s been so frustrating having dogs sitting there waiting for months waiting to travel. Please go to our website to apply. Please remember in two weeks not now I don’t want a million applications today 😂 We don’t use forms for applications just an email. I will then call you and we can take it from there.