Update from Kerry!

We still can’t take any applications from people for adoption because we just can’t say when the dogs will leave China. We are looking every day how to move dogs ASAP because we want them out more than anything. We have some dogs they have been ready to leave since last year. Cargo is just too expensive, flight volunteers are still not allowed to fly to China. We are looking at flight volunteers in China to fly to Amsterdam. We have looked at cargo planes to fly 300 dogs at a time to the states but the airline that does this in China isn’t on the register in America under some kind of health certificate that’s needed. We even have a fellow rescuer in China looking at buying a jet to fly dogs out. We are trying and are so frustrated. I think about these dogs every day because usually I go over to China a lot to see the dogs and bring them to the UK. Once we can fly dogs we will have the massive task of working out who is who. All the dogs are happy and I know it’s not a home but they are safe, fed and mostly importantly healthy and away from distemper etc which kills so many of the dogs. Our shelter is on hold now for a while due to lock down coming back in Beijing so the workers couldn’t work. We are still chipping away at the bills because we have never had so many so it’s been a massive struggle. We have to dig deep and pull our big girl pants up and get on with it. Things are going to take so long to get back on top of our vet bills etc once things start getting back to normal but I’m sure we will get there. I  can’t give anymore update than this but when I can I will and then I will take applications for these amazing dogs .Thank you to all our supporters for their support .I know times are hard for everyone ❤️