Update from Kerry on export!

Message from Kerry!

Greyhounds from Australia, Ireland, UK and America have been exported to China for breeding for years. Exported dogs are NOT sold for meat they are used for breeding.The dogs are passed around on loan to different owners in China. Apart from the fact these zero animal welfare laws in China the meat markets and slaughter houses are flooded with greyhounds. I have been to underground tracks in China aswell as slaughter houses and meat markets so I have witness this myself. One dog that we rescued was a blue greyhound called Whisky. He was rescued from the dog meat trade and is now living in America. As you can see by his DNA test he is related to an Australian bred greyhound.This is just the start of this data I’m collecting because this is proof that the off spring from exported dogs are sold for meat. In a nutshell the racing industry in Ireland and the UK along with America and Australia are responsible for greyhounds being slaughtered in mainland China. Sometimes these dogs are boiled alive, skinned alive, beaten, stabbed, hit over the head.There is a thing in China now where the dog meat is called crispy dog .This is when the dog is BBQ alive. I hate the racing industry and all that try and defend the scumbags that export these dogs. I will be getting a lot of data on this in the next few months.