Update from Kerry!

Good afternoon 😊. Update on our dogs in China. The dogs in boarding kennels have all had new beds and coats this week. It’s winter now in China and temperatures are very cold especially of an evening so it’s important the dogs all have coats. Many of our none greyhounds have been the groomers to have all beautiful fur clipped. I have been putting off posting because I actually have been at a loss on what you say to people about the dogs stuck in China. We have tried so many times to book flights to the UK but each time they have been cancelled. We have booked a cargo flight 6 times but the airlines and Heathrow couldn’t work out a date, then lock down again stopped us. We had flight volunteers to flight 8 dogs to Europe but that flight got cancelled due to covid. I know some rescues have got some dogs out and that’s absolutely wonderful but for us unfortunately we just haven’t been able to get flight volunteers out of China. We can’t take applications for dogs until we know when we can get them home. Our funds are so low with all fundraising cancelled. Its going to take us 12 months to get back on our feet financially. We have over 250 dogs in China that all need kennels, food, beds, vets etc so as a rescue we are trying so hard to raise funds as much as we can. I will be totally honest and say currently I can’t see how we are going to get back on our feet if things don’t get back to normal soon. As a rescue we strongly believe in saving the dogs and getting them ready to leave to China and into homes. We never ever wanted to rescue dogs and leave them in China, that’s not what we are about and tbh it’s absolutely devastating. We do now have flights booked in the New Year for dogs to fly to the states to our partner rescues. I’m hoping these flights go ahead and it can be the start of getting our dogs out. I just want to reassure people that we are as frustrated as everyone else and we want our dogs home more than anything. We have all got to dig deep and keep going and try and stay positive because our dogs in China need us. We still have some money we raised for flights which we will keep until we can book flights again. We owe thousands in boarding and vet bills so any help towards that is amazing. We have info on our website and in the about section on how we use funds. If anyone has any ideas how we can raise money 💰 for the dogs please contact the fundraising team or send me a message. Thank you again for the on going support, Kerry x❤️