Trixie an Irish greyhound and her puppies!

Message from Kerry!

I have been fostering a greyhound call Martin but his real name is actually Valentino racing name Confident Ash. The reason I have been hiding him is because I have been trying to get an Irish girl Trixies Eske from the same breeder in Spain. Today we have managed to get her for less than £300 along with 3 of her 6 week old pups. We tried to get the whole litter but the boys were sold. It turns out Trixie was bred with Valentino so we have rescued mom and dad who are both Irish and spent 2 years in Spain and 3 of their babies.These dogs should have never been sent to Spain to be used as machines they should have been retired into wonderful homes. Is it really too much to ask for racing greyhounds to have a home once their race life is over ? poor Trixie has been bred from over and over and she’s tired. Momma and pups are going to boarding kennels in Spain where I will get extra food and bedding to them until pups can travel then I will bring them to me to foster them. The greyhound racing industry is full of abuse and the exploitation of animals. It’s self regulated and relies on the dogs to make money.The exports is just another added way they make money. For the dogs that are exported it’s horrific they never become pets and just get worked and worked until they drop. I hate the racing industry and the people involved that don’t say a thing about the abuse that these dogs go through. For today at least I feel like we have a small victory for the dogs because four lives have now been saved and I promise them they will get wonderful homes in the UK. Thank you everyone who supports both Candy Cane Rescue and Greyhound Protection UK ❤️❤️❤️Please look at all the photos and you can see the little pups 😍😍Hardly any Irish greyhounds end up in rescue in Spain or even full greyhounds. Lots it galgos are rescued and rightly so but it does make you question where the full Irish /English and off spring greyhounds go.