The darkest day for the Candy Cane Team!

On 5 of May Kerry was alerted that 30 whippets and greyhounds were in a slaughter house, so Kerry agreed to help them. Sadly on the 7 of May, Kerry received a devastating call from Doedoe crying that the 30 dogs that were going to slaughtered are all dead apart from five who the vets were trying to save. The head vet at this practice that we have used for nearly 2 years , arranged for the dogs to be transported by a driver who she knew to her practice. She covered the cost of the dogs and the drivers fee. They arrived at the vets late, they were meant to get there at 6am Beijing time but arrived at 3pm. The dogs collapsed in the van with heart stroke. 25 already died from heat stroke, 5 were still alive, the vet team tried to saved them but sadly 4 died later. The vets asked the driver to make sure they dogs had water and the van had air con as Beijing is very hot and the traffic is crazy.  The Candy Cane Team are completely devastated. In the past when we arranged collections, we used a trusted driver, who is going to be our worker at the shelter aswell. This time we didn’t sort this rescue and now this has happened. We are so sorry to bring this news to everyone. It physically hurts to loose one but to loose them like this is unbearable. We also were informed the vet who arranged the rescue and transport of the dogs were rushed to the hospital via ambulance as she suffered a suspected heart attack. Since then we were inforred she is well and were sent home with medication. It has been the darkest day for Kerry and the team, this will say with us for a long time. Since the restriction has been lifted in China, rescuing dogs has been worse than ever. We still dont know when we can fly and bring them either to the UK or USA, which is even more heartbreaking as we are simply runing out of the space and the costs of all our current dogs are high. We would like to say huge thank you to all of our supportes, thank you for being there for us and the dogs. We just hope for some good news soon as so far this has been the most difficult 4 months.