Thank you very much!

The Flying Dog Foundation is proud to announce a $10,000 grant to  MotorCity Greyhound Rescue, led by Jennifer Valdez

This month, MotorCity will be welcoming two sets of meat trade survivors––one flight will include greyhounds rescued from the meat trade and transported by  Elite Greyhound Adoptions South Florida ; the other will include dogs rescued from the meat trade by Candy Cane Rescue

. We are THRILLED and are profoundly grateful to YOU for your trust and support. Thank you for helping us to help them. Total Foundation grants awarded to MotorCity in 2020 is $11,288.49.

Congratulations to Elite, MotorCity, and Candy Cane (and their partners) on working tirelessly to make these transports happen––the amount of time, diligence, and sleepless nights for these folks is immeasurable.