Thank you for all your support!

We have sent another £5000 today to the vets so that’s £9000 in four days. Thank you everyone who donated.I still need to send another £8000 in the next few days so any donation no matter how small will help. All our bank details and PayPal are on the poster. On average each dog we rescue costs Candy Cane £1000/£2000 for basic vet care then depending on what treatment they need it can go up to £10,000 plus. Then we have to pay the boarding at the vets which with 28 very poorly dogs they are having 24/7 care. The bills are huge, adding transport, kennel boarding once they leave the vets, food, flights, crates, blood work. In the New Year as hard as it is going to be I am going to have to reduce the amount of dogs we are saving because it’s crazy money and we simply don’t have it. I have had 2 more messages today from other vets in China. Have you ever been scared to open a message? that is how I am feeling right now. Any donation will help and I will update in a couple of days if we are able to send more funds. people dont realise that meat trade dogs are so poorly when they are rescued so many pass away in shelters and suffer. That is why when we rescue them they go straight the vets to give them the best chance they can have. Thank you from our team for all the supprt you have given us.