Risk and Roll saved from being send to Pakistan!

Please meet Albert racing name Risk and Roll. Jo Loomes collected two female greyhounds  from Derby for Greyhound Protection UK today . When she  went there, there was a black male

greyhound in the kennel on his own.The owner told Jo he was flying to Pakistan next week. Anyone involved in greyhound rescue knows sending a dog to Pakistan is a one way ticket to a life of hell. Jo then offered to buy him and after lots of negotiations Jo managed to get him for a £1000. Some people won’t agree that she paid for him and tbh I couldn’t careless if they do or don’t because he is worth every single penny. Theres no rehoming programs in Pakistan and no animal welfare laws so he would have never been protected .He will be staying at

Vaughan Harman kennels for a couple of weeks before coming into foster with me .Good days work and team work at its best ❤️❤️❤️❤️ He is a  lucky boy because once the dogs leave for Pakistan there’s no way of getting them home.