Reality of the dogs in some shelters in China!

The shelter  where Smokey came from, has so many dogs I can’t even look. The problem with shelters and rescuers saving so many meat trade dogs is they live like this. I don’t know what the answer is but when shelters have thousands and thousands of dogs you have to ask is this rescue? Ipersonally don’t and I would never take a dog under candy cane if the plan was to keep them in China. The only time we would keep a dog in China would be health reasons. When people donate to rescues saving dogs from meat trucks you must always make sure the dogs get vet care and food and there are always updates. So many shelters in China in the past have been scammers so always check. Things like this break me because these dogs will never get out. This shelter is also one of the good ones. We have had dogs before from horrific shelters.