Racing Dogs in Baicheng, China.

The amount of greyhounds needing rescue in China is massive. There is a never ending, relentless stream of dogs and we simply can’t help them all.

Kerry has just been sent this video of racing dogs in Baicheng, China. Dog racing is illegal in China so they are raced on underground tracks. All of the dogs in the video are being sold for meat as they are too slow to race. We were told that if we don’t take them they will be sold to a slaughterhouse this evening. We don’t have anywhere for these dogs to go so there is nothing we can do to help them. It’s so heart wrenching, we feel sick that we can’t save them. Poor souls.

It’s really hard for us to show this when we don’t have any way of saving the dogs. The situation out there is a complete mess created by the Greyhound Racing Industry in England, Ireland and Australia. Created because people exported Greyhounds to China through sheer greed. People need to know what is happening and why it’s happening.