News from our partners Fast Friends Rescue!

Fast Friends is thrilled to announce that we are bringing over five Greyhounds this weekend who were all rescued from the Chinese dog meat trade.

Thanks to the extraordinary efforts of Candy Cane Rescue, these five Greyhounds and so many others have been rescued, some literally off the hooks at the slaughterhouse.

Stay tuned to our page to meet the Greyhounds and for a special live event when they land in the US!

If you would like to make a gift to help us be ready to receive these five Greyhounds, please donate through our Facebook “Donate” button or or THANK YOU!

*** If you think you may be interested in adopting one of the 5 China Greys, please continue to follow our page for the notice of when they will be available and submit your application at that time. Fast Friends always allows new Greyhounds time to settle in so that we can get to know their true personalities before placing them in homes. We understand that waiting can be difficult, but truly feel that this process is essential in setting up Greyhounds to succeed with their new families. Thank you for understanding! ***