More dogs on the way to slaughter

I said two days ago we can’t take no more dogs we have vet bills over 20k and we have so many dogs we can’t take no more. Just got this 😢😢😢😢😢.The greyhounds have just been sold by a breeder who races them on the underground tracks and the whippet and shepard are from a breeder too. The dogs are going to a slaughter house today but I have told the rescuer to put a deposit on them. If people want to donate that’s great if not I understand as I am always asking but I really don’t have a choice. We don’t often buy dogs but these dogs are being sold either way so it don’t really matter who’s money it is. Buying them is easy it’s the after care and funding that which is hard. Its Chinese New Year next week the busiest time for the dog meat trade. I have watched this video four times and cried looking how scared and cold these dogs are. I have 13 hounds at home it’s took me 6 hours to walk them, feed them, make sure they have comfy beds and they are clean. These dogs have nothing and I doubt have ever been shown any kind of love or kindness. These dogs are no different to the ones we have in our homes they just want to be dogs, love a human and have some comfort. Not really too much to ask is it ? I will update when we get them if we do.