Message from our amazing fundraising team in USA!

Let me tell you very quick story about a Canadian, some Brits, Chinese, and Americans …

This is Paul Michaud, a Canadian, on the ground in China. This was during one of his five (so far!) China-to-USA transports for MotorCity Greyhound Rescue in Michigan, USA. MotorCity will have cared for these hounds until their adoptions into loving homes. The dogs in this video were rescued by Candy Cane Rescue in the UK and their rescue partners in China. MotorCity Rescue is one of the USA rescue groups that receives China transport grants from The Flying Dog Foundation.

When you donate to and/or share this fundraiser, you’re part of an international community of every-day folks that want to save dogs from unspeakable torture and death in the China dog meat trade.

Please think about this profound notion: every-day British, Chinese, Canadian, and American folks working collaboratively on changing the world for the better. And they’re doing it.

Please share this fundraiser and, if you are able, please donate. Every penny that we raise together will literally be used to pay for the dogs’ tickets out.