Message from Kerry!

I’m sure most of you have seen yulin is going ahead this year .My worry always was with ending the dog meat trade in China was who on earth will police it ?theres no farms in China for dog meat the dogs are stolen ,sold pets ,ex racing dogs ,ex hunting dogs and ex breeding dogs that people don’t want .Im going to be brutally honest with all our supporters now we are financially in the shit .Due to Covid we haven’t been able to move any dogs now since January so that means all our dogs and there’s over 230 now have been in boarding and the vets for all this time .With food ,bedding ,transport boarding vet bills and no fundraising we are struggling big time to keep our head above water now .Im now stressing because yulin it’s the most horrific dog event in the world and we always take dogs no matter what the breed .This year we are going to have to say no unless we raise some money .We have so many events this year booked that we rely on for funds that have been cancelled .All our dogs are safe and we are chipping away at the bills .Last month our bills were over 80k of which we have managed to pay £36,000 off, one vet bill was £23,000 .The vet bills should be massively reduced now because we haven’t had any more dogs in but we still have thousands outstanding and new bills coming soon.Im just so worried that the virus could effect us that bad we will struggle to bounce back this year .I could rehome our dogs ten times over we have so many people wanting them but with Covid now Back in Beijing I just don’t know how we can get our dogs out or when .Its so frustrating because we are a rescue that prides ourself in rescuing the dogs ,giving them all the vet care we can then getting them out to either the UK or rescues in the states .I have done this post because I’m Already being tagged in yulin stuff and I think it’s only fair our supporters know how much we are struggling and going to continue to struggle if something isn’t sorted pretty soon .We have a fundraising group people can join to help which anyone can join .If anyone has any ideas who we can get our head above water please let us know 🙂