Message from Kerry!

We have had a few comments from pro greyhound racing people that are very negative to the work we do. I will remind people Candy Cane Rescue is a registered charity in the UK with a full board of trustees, a treasurer and an accountant. We are a young charity only 3 years old this summer. From this year all our accounts will be published via the charity commission. Candy Candy Rescue is not political, we rescue greyhounds and other breeds from the meat trade and wherever else the dogs need rescuing from. I do run a rescue in the UK called Birmingham Greyhound Protection which I’m proud to say is fully anti racing and we campaign to end dog racing and the exports of racing greyhounds. If greyhounds from Ireland, UK, Australia and America were not sent to China in the first place Candy Cane Rescue wouldn’t be here. I just wanted to clear this up and explain why now and then we get trolls on the page from the racing industry. We don’t listen to bullies or take no notice we know what we do is for the dogs and that’s all that’s matters. BGP my UK rescue will keep fighting racing industry until it ends and we will keep fighting to end the exports of racing greyhounds. Hope that clears  few things up for people that are new to the CCR.