Message from Birmingham Greyhound Protection!

Things are crazy right now and crazy times means crazy things are done. I hate the racing industry with a passion however I love the dogs. I had spoken with a trainer I work with about the dogs because greyhound trainers are self-employed and this crisis is going to hit them hard. They get 50p a day per dog from the GBGB and £5 a week from the tracks per dog. Basically many trainers are in the shit with food, staffing, running kennels, running vans etc. There are 15000 active racing greyhounds in the UK that’s without retired dogs waiting for rescue placements. Today Birmingham Greyhound Protection has donated over 2000 tins of Butchers tins to a trainer that he will share out with other trainers and loads of treats. I have also spoken with Rita James at CAGED and she has arranged 5 tone of frozen food for trainers. I know this might seem strange to some people but dogs will die because people can’t afford to feed and look after. At times like this people need to bury the hatchet and put personal feelings aside because it’s about the dogs and people staying safe. If there is a trainer that needs a hand with food just drop me a message. Nothing is public and no one needs to know. Birmingham Greyhound Protection is struggling as all rescues are. We have dogs now sitting in fosters that can’t be homed which means dogs are stuck in racing kennels. We are way over the ideal number of dogs we should take but who is counting 😏. We will not close our doors to dogs that need urgent rescue or dogs in racing kennels. We are just not that type of rescue. This is the time more than ever we all need to pull together and keep dogs safe. Thank you eveyone for all their support.