Meat Market Motorbike Greyhounds

Kerry went to a meat market in China with Plush and saw two greyhounds tied to a motorbike who were made to run alongside it. The owner allowed them to buy the fawn girl but wanted too much money for the black one. After much haggling Kerry had totally given up hope and was totally distraught. About an hour later Plush walked up to her with the big black boy, she’d somehow managed to persuade the owner to part with him. The photo’s of Kerry with Bertie, as he is now called, speak a thousand words. He is a beautiful gentle soul just like our greyhounds at home. He is now a Candy Cane Rescue dog. When they were leaving the market more greyhounds were going on meat trucks and some were being made to run along side cars and vans 💔💔💔💔 We couldn’t save them all.