Mavis and her puppies!

Mavis 😍I have seen a few comments of disgust mostly from pro racing greyhound people about this little dog who became pregnant while in our care. That is correct she did but if people remember she was rescued on a truck with another 20 hounds who we also took, lock down and Chinese New Year happened the next day so we had to send them to a temporary kennel and at the time I said it was far from great but it was that or they were killed. Because of the lock down we couldn’t get the dogs to the vets because no dogs could move around in China so yes unfortunately she got pregnant. I wasn’t happy about it myself iffact  I was pretty angry but I think under the circumstances I can let it go because the people in China were looking after our dogs every day and putting their own lives at risk by going out of their house. She is doing great and the pups are of course our responsibility. She has lost one pup unfortunately but the rest are doing great. Mavis has a home lined up in the UK.