Mass Rescue by Plush Bear & Candy Cane

Last week Plush Bear found 64 dogs at a slaughter house and pledged to save them all along with our help. The dogs included a Borzoi, two whippet types and four greyhounds who will come to Candy Cane. We put out the word that we needed money to save all of the dogs and, as always, many wonderful people donated to make it happen. The below video shows the dogs at the slaughter house.

We also recieved a video of the Borzoi girl being weighed and the next day another video showing that she’d given birth to pups in awful conditions at the slaughter house. It became more desperate than ever that the dogs were romoved to safety. We were contacted by many Borzoi breeders a few months ago, when we rescued the first group of Borzoi, to say they actually send Borzoi to China and it’s safe! They are wrong. This is the Borzoi girl with her pups at the slaughter house. All alone with no bed and no one to comfort her.

Thankfully all of the dogs have now been removed. The video below shows the rescue.

The Borzoi momma and her pups are now at the vets but she is really poorly with distemper. She has a real fight on her hands to stay alive. Even though she’s very ill she’s still trying to be a good mother to her pups, the 6 pups are also at risk 💔 All their vets bills are being covered by the National Borzoi Rescue Foundation in the states.