A few months ago we were made aware of a female greyhound in Inner Mongolia that had been thrown from a building by her owner. All four of her legs were broken and she had damage to her back. We wanted her pts but as she’s not a Candy Cane dog we had no control over her welfare. We have been requesting updates. One update we recieved was really upsetting because she couldn’t walk or even stand and was being pushed around on a big sling type thing.

Fast forward a few months and Linglang can now stand and walk. She’s still very unsteady but she can move around now, which is unbelievable considering her injuries. Kerry and Doedoe are trying to bring her to Candy Cane so we can give her better vet care. She’s in foster at the moment and the foster family may want to keep her but we are asking her to let Candy Cane have her. The video shows how she is now, we would love to bring her to Beijing to get better vet treatment.